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Cooling towers have been in the news a lot lately. Always on the search for the best water treatment solutions, many building engineers and facilities management professionals have been anxiously awaiting ASHRAE Standard 188 to be officially released so that they can get more guidance (and see the implications) regarding the need for proper cooling tower maintenance, cooling tower disinfection and how to kill legionella in a cooling tower.

When it comes to cooling tower chemicals, there is no one size fits all solution; but for the right situation there is one option that is proving to have many significant advantages over the competition. Enter the EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release®. The EcoSafe Solid Feed System is doing for cooling towers, what rubber tires did for the automobile industry –  making them safer, more efficient and easier to maintain.

EcoSafe Smart Release Solid Feed System for Cooling TowersEcoSafe is a full water treatment feed station for cooling towers that features specially designed feeders and chemicals that eliminate the need for liquid chemistry. The major difference between EcoSafe and traditional solid feed water treatment options is that EcoSafe’s scale and corrosion inhibitor tablets are truly dry (not a paste), they do not require mixing and are engineered to offer many eco-friendly advantages over traditional liquid water treatment including reduced toxicity. In fact, while you may be hesitant to plunge your bare hand into a typical drum of liquid corrosion or scale inhibitor, you could easily hold a handful of EcoSafe inhibitor in your hand. These tablets are less toxic than Asprin, and they do not require pH altering additives to stabilize their chemistry.EcoSafe Osmotic Pressure Illustration

The secret lies in the coating of the tablet. The tablet is polymer coated and acts in very much the same way as time-released medicine. When in use, EcoSafe’s membrane coating allows water into the tablet, where it creates a concentrated chemical slurry which is then pushed out of the membrane via osmotic pressure. This happens slowly over time allowing for a very consistent release rate and virtually eliminates high chemical spikes which are often associated with other dry chemical feed applications. This coating also acts as a barrier between users and the active EcoSafe chemistry inside. Therefore, EcoSafe tablets are extremely safe to handle, and the potential for hazardous chemical spills is completely eliminated.

Sometime a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a great video that shows what EcoSafe and Smart Release Technology is and how it works:

Is EcoSafe environmentally friendly?

There is a beautiful elegance to an EcoSafe Solid Feed System. It requires no energy to run. Properly installed EcoSafe feeders are easily plumbed into your existing system and water flows through them. As the water flows through the feeders, the exact amount of chemical needed to treat the system is released into the flow. No measuring. No guessing. No calculating. All that extra work has already been done…  and no additional fuel consumption, which means lower CO2 footprint.

Requiring no electricity to operate is only the tip of the iceberg in reducing the overall carbon footprint of your cooling tower’s chemical feed station. No more liquids means no more heavy polyethylene drums lying around your mechanical room. And no water to ship means that, in many cases, total shipping weights can be reduced by over 600lbs during every 30 day period. That means reduced shipping costs with better shipping and storage options. EcoSafe chemicals are generally shipped in cardboard boxes, which are lightweight and 100% recyclable. The elimination of the polyethylene drum and the huge decrease shipping weight means less fossil fuels are being consumed to deliver the same amount of protection to your cooling towers. And while there is really no such thing as 100% ecofriendly water treatment chemicals that we know of, using an EcoSafe Solid Feed System does reduce a typical liquid water treatment program’s carbon footprint by over 73%! That is a big deal; especially if your facility has made a commitment to the environment and sustainability.

This huge reduction in carbon footprint is one way in which EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers is helping some buildings qualify for additional LEED points.

What about biocides?

A widely accepted modality of cooling tower water treatment is running a dual (or alternating) biocide program. This means that the chemical program being administered calls for an oxidizing biocide and a non-oxidizing biocide. Oxidizing biocides kill microorganisms by destroying their cell walls and oxidizing protein within the organism. Typical examples of oxidizing biocides are chlorine and bromine. Non-oxidizing biocides are chemicals that kill by ways other than oxidation, including interference with cell metabolism and structure. DBNPA and isothiazoline are examples of non-oxidizing biocides. EcoSafe allows for a dual biocide program; and biocide canisters are available in various forms and sizes depending on the application.

EcoSafe Tablets and Canister

EcoSafe biocides are delivered in much the same way as the corrosion inhibitors; however they are not pressed into tablet form. They are delivered in granular form via a specially designed canister or feeder. Since they are also shipped dry, they are highly concentrated and are a very effective method to reduce biological organisms in cooling water. In fact, if you have been trying to figure out how to kill legionella in a cooling tower or wondering what a long term strategy is for keeping bio-organisms like legionella at bay in your cooling tower might be, look no further than EcoSafe.

One last point –  while EcoSafe is a potential no brainer for many (if not most) cooling tower water treatment solutions, it is definitely not the solution for everyone. Most of the limitations regarding EcoSafe have to do with the overall size of the operation; however, we have seen success with smart release water treatment on many very large cooling tower systems.

If you would like more information regarding the EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also download our free whitepaper “Why Solid Feed Water Treatment is the Future.” It contains a ton of great information about EcoSafe and the future of cooling tower water treatment.

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