WATCHMAN Controller System

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Clarity’s WATCHMAN controller system is the latest innovation in our water treatment capability. This automated controller minimizes the manual tasks associated with running and operating your system’s program.

WATCHMAN controllers go beyond simply operating biocide and inhibitor feeds, or controlling automated blowdown for your system. Using this line of controllers, we are able to design and build custom controller packages – from heating and cooling to waste and potable water systems applications. It gives you a wide range of sensors, probes, and other chemical feed components to improve your water treatment program. Monitor and record important readings like pH, temperature, conductivity and biocidal indicators in real time.

A picture of Clarity’s WATCHMAN controller system, which minimizes the manual tasks associated with running and operating your system’s program.

Save Time on Testing and Stay Compliant

Most municipalities have water quality testing and monitoring regulations for various water systems. To fulfill these requirements, facility personnel often must perform manual testing and monitoring. The WATCHMAN system can automate these tasks so that your personnel can focus on other key operations. Our controller packages can be tailored to perform the specific water quality testing and logging you need to keep compliant with regulatory requirements in your area. Reports can easily be generated through our online interface to give you access to the data you need. The system can function as a backup to avoid hefty fines for not completing tests manually.

WATCHMAN Remote Capabilities

WATCHMAN controllers lead the charge in optimizing your water treatment program using cutting-edge technology. The controllers can use WiFi, cellular, or hardwired connections for remote monitoring access. Clarity is able to monitor controller data in real time, making adjustments as needed for operational changes or process upsets. We also have the ability to collect and store recorded data electronically for safe keeping.

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