Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions for Every Need

Clarity Water Technologies specializes in comprehensive water treatment for boiler, cooling, and process water systems.  We are a dedicated, dependable partner who provides solutions across many industries. Our expert consulting and cutting-edge chemistry will provide solutions for all of your facility needs.

Cutting-edge Solutions Customized for You

Clarity’s approach to water treatment starts with a full evaluation of the mechanical, operational and chemical components of your facility to determine your specific needs.  We’ll design a custom program to prevent common water treatment issues for boiler, cooling, and process water systems, such as scale, corrosion and biological fouling.  We use the most effective, state-of-the-art, and environmentally advanced water treatment products and technology on the market to ensure safe, effective, and efficient solutions.

Our Services

Clarity’s expertise in water treatment extends across many systems and applications, helping our customers experience safer, peak-performing water systems that cost less to operate.

Boiler Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Closed Loop Water Systems

Pasteurizers & Retorts

Legionella Prevention & Remediation


Get a Free Survey of Your Facility!

We’ll survey your facility’s water systems for FREE and look for ways to make your system more efficient, safer, and greener – and save you money!

The Clarity Service Team Sets Us Apart

Clarity service vans used to perform HVAC cleaning and maintenance services

Not only will our team of highly-trained consultants design the optimal water treatment program for your facility, we also have an in-house Service Team that provides a full array of hands-on, supported Mechanical Cleaning and Maintenance Services to support your facility needs.  Servicing New York City and surrounding areas, these services include:

  • Cooling Tower cleaning, disinfection, repair, and more
  • Boiler cleaning, descaling, pretreatment, passivation, and more
  • Equipment replacement and installation
  • Consulting & Laboratory Services
  • Many other services for your facility
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