EcoSHIELD Film Forming Amine Water Treatment Technology is advanced water treatment for boilers and cooling towers.

Clarity offers EcoSHIELD for Boiler, Closed Loop, and Cooling Water Treatment, an enhanced chemistry that protects the metallurgy of the entire steam system and allows greater conservation of water and fuel than traditional chemical programs. Clarity’s EcoSHIELD product line is a family of water treatment products based on film-forming amine technology that has been specifically modified to treat various complex water systems. It is one of the most effective, state-of-the-art, and environmentally-advanced water treatments on the market. EcoSHIELD is an example of Clarity’s ability to develop unique blends tailored to a customer’s specific water treatment needs.

A pipe cut open to show effects of EcoSHIELD water chemistry

EcoSHIELD Treats the Metal To Protect Your System

EcoSHIELD works differently because it treats the metal surfaces of your system so that water quality has little impact on protection. It promotes the formation of a monomolecular film, which is adsorbed on all metal surfaces throughout an entire water system. This chemistry establishes a continuous barrier between water and metal, cutting out corrosion and inhibiting scale formation without negatively affecting heat transfer. It facilitates the reduction of feedwater conductivity, enables higher runs of concentration, reduces blowdown, and reduces fuel and water cost, giving you a more effective treatment solution that reduces operational costs.

EcoSHIELD includes a wide range of specifically formulated programs for:

    • High and low pressure steam boilers
    • Boilers with turbines
    • Boilout program
    • Wet lay-up of boilers
    • Industrial and commercial central plants
    • Heating systems
    • Chilled water systems
    • Closed cooling systems
    • Cooling towers

EcoSHIELD Forms a Barrier of Protection

An illustration of how EcoSHIELD protects equipment, with the boiler tubes failing due to scale before treatment and a homogeneous magnetite layer after treatment

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