Clarity offers EcoSAFE for cooling tower water treatment, an innovative solid feed water treatment chemistry that is simple, safe, and environmentally friendly. Powered by Smart Release, this technological advancement makes it easy to administer the precise dosage of water treatment chemistry to your cooling system.
Illustration of EcoSAFE's solid feed water treatment chemistry, and how a dry tablet transfers chemistry to the water

Safe and Eco-Friendly

EcoSAFE’s solid feed chemistry systems are a safer alternative to liquid feed delivery systems. This eco-friendly program minimizes the handling of hazardous chemicals, eliminates the need for chemical feed pumps, cuts out spills and liquid container disposal costs, and lowers shipping costs — all of which reduce your facility’s carbon footprint. Solid feed means it’s easier to get product to tower treatment mechanical rooms that are in difficult-to-access locations, as well as facilities that have multiple tower locations. Plus, EcoSAFE could help you earn additional LEED points.

Solid Feed Innovation Unlike You’ve Seen Before

EcoSAFE solves common issues associated with previous solid feed technologies. The old way of dissolving product and pumping it into the circulating system with a metered pumping system was time-consuming and lacked precision. Additionally, the complexity of the equipment led to multiple fail points, including burned out pumps and malfunctioning solenoids. EcoSAFE’s Smart Release technology answers these cooling tower chemistry challenges with a simple, innovative way to deliver time-proven chemistry.

EcoSAFE Set Up:

Before and after pictures showing the simplicity of an EcoSAFE feeder set up versus liquid chemicals

Watch How EcoSAFE Works

An illustration showing how EcoSAFE equipment works with the solid feed chemistry

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