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Water Treatment Plans for Pasteurizers

Many food and beverage companies utilize pasteurizers in their production processes, as they are extremely important components of canning and bottling. Pasteurization protects against corrosion, prevents bacterial growth, preserves the quality of the product, and extends shelf life. Not only can problems with your pasteurizers cause safety and quality issues with the product, they can also negatively affect your production with unscheduled downtime and increased waste. 

Pasteurizers must be kept clean to operate effectively and efficiently. Companies may clean them monthly and still experience can and bottle lid corrosion. This can be costly and time consuming.

Clarity’s water treatment experts raise the bar on pasteurizer performance. Our proprietary technologies can solve common canning and bottle corrosion issues, giving you consistently clean cans and bottles. Our chemistry will reduce the frequency at which your pasteurizers need to be cleaned, which will create consistency in your production schedules and help your facility meet production goals more easily.

An often-overlooked aspect of pasteurizers is indoor air quality. Our solutions will ensure your air quality is not compromised, creating a safe work environment for your personnel.

After a Clarity Treatment Plan

A clean pasteurizer after water treatment from Clarity

Water Treatment Plans for Retorts

Many food manufacturing companies use retorts to sterilize food after it is sealed in cans, bottles, or other containers. The use of high heat in this process kills any bacteria in the container, keeping the food safe during its shelf life.

Without proper water treatment, the water and/or steam used in the retort can cause corrosion to cans or even to the retort itself. With extensive expertise in this area, Clarity uses proprietary technology that minimizes this corrosion. This proper treatment will extend the life of your retorts, minimize downtime, and reduce waste due to corrosion and damaged packaging.

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