Water Treatment for the Lumber Industry

Stacks of kiln-dried lumber at a kiln-drying lumber mill

Improve Kiln Dried Lumber Production with Proper Water Treatment

The lumber industry is challenged with optimizing production to be fast and efficient with minimal downtime, while creating quality lumber with little waste. Operational costs must be managed carefully to keep prices down and preserve margins.

Water treatment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to improve efficiency. However, when kilns are used to dry wood, the steam boiler can have a big impact on the efficiency of the lumber production process. Proper water treatment can have your steam boiler operating at peak performance and prevent common problems like:

  • Steam boiler carryover
  • High energy and water usage
  • Corrosion of metal surfaces, including kiln coils and steam lines
  • Lumber quality issues
  • Variable drying times

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Clarity Has the Solution!

Clarity Water Technologies uses EcoSHIELD™, a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technology that has proven to be extremely effective in solving many of the problems affecting kiln-dried lumber production. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, it forms a molecular bond barrier that protects the metal surfaces inside the boiler system and kiln, inhibiting rust formation and corrosion. It is also highly effective in improving steam boiler efficiency.  With EcoSHIELD™, you will extend the life of the steam system, reduce fuel and water consumption, and lower the cost of operation!

Clarity’s team of water treatment experts will develop a custom water treatment plan for your facility!

kiln used for drying lumber with steam

Steam Boiler Carryover Can Be a Costly Problem

Check out our blog to learn more about steam boiler carryover and how it may be affecting your lumber production, impacting the efficiency of your steam system, and causing corrosion.

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