Cans treated with proper water treatment from Clarity Water Technologies

Proper Water Treatment is the Key to an Efficient Canning Process

Canning facilities face many challenges due to the complexity of the process. It requires precise engineering and careful execution to run a safe, efficient process that preserves the quality of the contents. Maintaining an efficient process is increasingly difficult due to the rising costs of raw materials, energy and labor. Reducing waste and processing time is critical.

Water treatment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to improve efficiency. However, proper water treatment will solve many common problems, including tainted cans, problematic retorts, and inefficient boilers.

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Clarity Has the Solution!

Clarity Water Technologies uses EcoSHIELD™, a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technology that has proven to be extremely effective in solving many of the problems faced by canning facilities. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, it forms a molecular bond barrier that protects the surfaces of cans and retorts, inhibiting rust formation and corrosion. It is also highly effective in improving steam boiler efficiency. With EcoSHIELD™, you will extend the life of the steam system, reduce fuel and water consumption, and lower the cost of operation.

Clarity’s team of water treatment experts will develop a custom water treatment plan for your facility.
We’ll incorporate EcoSHIELD™ to eliminate rusty, contaminated cans while simultaneously protecting your retorts. The technology will also protect your steam boilers so they run at peak performance and save you money!

Tainted, rusty cans from improper water treatment

How to Prevent Rusty Cans

Check out our blog to learn more about how canning facilities can eliminate tainted cans by using EcoSHIELD™. Our pictures speak 1000 words!

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