A Different Type of Water Treatment Company

Clarity Water Technologies was founded in 2002 by five chemical industry specialists dedicated to changing the water treatment industry. The goal was to start the new millennium by introducing the world to a water treatment company that is passionate about its mission, supportive of its customers’ goals, and respectful of its expert team members.

These ideals are at the core of what has made Clarity incredibly successful since our inception, and we are mindful of them every time we hire new team members, evaluate a new customer’s needs, source a new product, or develop a new program.

Experience, Expertise, and a Partner

Our biggest accomplishment has been hiring some of the brightest, high-character men and women in water treatment. Their integrity, broad experience, and strong expertise makes them our greatest asset. Through their dedication, Clarity is a dependable partner whose professionalism and flexibility sets us apart from the rest of the water treatment industry.

We are not just a service provider; we are a true partner. We collaborate with customers to identify their specific water treatment needs and solve problems beyond the application of our chemicals. We take pride in giving our customers individual attention and going the extra mile to earn their trust and ensure their satisfaction. This is who we are and how we always do business.

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