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Steam is often a vital component in industrial heating, processing, food preparation, and many other applications. Proper water treatment is crucial to every facility where a continuous, dependable, and economical supply of high-quality steam is maintained.

A custom boiler water treatment program from Clarity will protect your equipment from scale and corrosion while optimizing steam production and return. This will ensure your system operates safely and runs at peak performance, meaning you experience minimal unexpected downtime and spend less on fuel and water usage. Our highly-trained consultants will examine every aspect of your steam system from pre-treatment, feedwater, boiler and condensate returns, and devise the best possible treatment program that will save your facility on its Total Cost of Operation.

Superior Chemistry and Equipment

We have developed a complete line of boiler water treatment products to meet the needs of every type of facility. Based on our assessment of your facility, we will prescribe the best chemistry available for your needs.

Clarity offers EcoSHIELD for Boiler Water Treatment, an enhanced chemistry that protects the metallurgy of the entire steam system and allows greater conservation of water and fuel than traditional chemical programs.

Our water treatment products also include:

    • Volatile and conventional oxygen scavengers
    • Alkalinity supplements
    • Phosphate, chelant and all-polymer-based treatment programs
    • High pressure (Co-Gen) treatment products
    • Neutralizing amines for condensate return line protections
    • FDA/USDA and Kosher approved products
    • Custom blended “convenience” products
    • Alkaline boil-out products for new construction projects
    • Lay-up material for off-season protection


We also carry all of the boiler water treatment equipment for every boiler application, including:

    • Water softeners, dealkalizers, filters and Reverse Osmosis systems
    • Continuous blowdown controllers
    • Chemical metering pumps
    • Bulk storage tanks, 110% containment systems, and double-walled tanks
    • Chemical transfer systems
    • Bypass feeders, injection quills and corporation stops

Get Tips From Clarity on Safe and Effective Boiler Operations

Learn about common issues and pitfalls associated with boiler maintenance, and how to avoid them, including:

    • Why Hard Water is your Boiler’s Worst Enemy
    • Which Two Naturally Occurring Elements can cause rapid and extreme boiler corrosion
    • The Good and The Bad of Boiler Condensate
    • And much, much more!

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