Manufacturing facility next to a body of water

Water Treatment for Every Manufacturing Process

Each type of manufacturing process has its own unique characteristics and language. Even though they all use cooling and heating systems, the needs of a plastic injection molding process are different from the needs of a copper wire manufacturing plant. Don’t train your water treatment specialist! Clarity’s representatives are highly trained in complex systems so that they can be of value to you the first time they walk through your door. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper, lumber or anything else your facility generates, we have a water treatment solution for you!

Among the many benefits our Manufacturing customers have by partnering with us include:

    • Custom blended chemistries designed uniquely for the individual application and equipment.
    • Partnerships with like-minded companies that specialize in sanitation chemistry, CIP, reverse osmosis among other technologies allows us to be a sole-source solution for the many chemical needs of our customers.
    • Green, safe cooling tower treatment that is 75% reduction of carbon footprint over traditional technologies.
    • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that reduces onsite maintenance by facility personnel.
    • Advanced chemical treatment programs that extend the life of capital equipment while reducing the fuel, water and electric consumption by the facility.

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