Clarity service vans used to perform HVAC cleaning and maintenance services

The Clarity Service Team Sets Us Apart

Not only will our team of engineers design the optimal water treatment program for your facility, we also have an in-house Service Team that provides a full array of hands-on, supported Mechanical Cleaning and Maintenance Services to support your facility needs.

Our team services New York City and the surrounding areas. Contact us to see if these services are available in your area:

  • Cooling Tower Services:
    • Cleaning & Disinfection
    • Light Repair Services include Basin Coating
    • Fill Replacement
    • Galvanize Tower Pretreatment & Passivation
  • Boiler Services:
    • Blowdown Control & Automation
    • Acid Cleaning & Descaling Chemistry
    • Borescope Reporting & Analysis
    • Pretreatment & Passivation
  • Additional Services:
    • Air Handler & Coil Cleaning & Pre-Treatment
    • Tube Punching
    • Chemical Feed Station Installations
    • Metallurgical Testing
    • New Piping – Clean Out & Passivation
    • Plate & Frame HX Cleaning
    • Vent & Duct Cleaning
    • Potable Water Overnight Disinfections
  • Equipment:
    • Water Softeners & Dealkalizers
    • Multimedia, High Efficiency & Cartridge Filters
    • Chemical Metering Pumps & Bulk Storage Tanks
    • Chemical Feed & Blowdown Controllers
    • WATCHMAN Remote Monitoring Systems
    • Chlorine Dioxide & Monochloramine Generator Systems
    • Potable Water Disinfection Systems, including Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, and Monochloramine Systems

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