Hospital building or other healthcare institution

Water Treatment for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Other Long-term Care Facilities

Facility managers in the healthcare industry face numerous, complex challenges when it comes to water treatment of their respective locations. Optimization and sustainability of the utilities required to run heating and cooling equipment is always crucial. There’s also an added safety concern with potable water systems, with the increased potential for water-borne pathogens to infect the already-compromised patients and residents.

Clarity has developed successful partnerships with many hospitals, as well as nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Our highly-trained consultants understand the needs and issues of healthcare facilities, and have a proven track record of developing innovative water treatment solutions that drive results. We’ll find the right programs and services for your Healthcare facility, including:

    • Expertly-designed water management plans and risk assessments
    • Innovative chemical treatment programs that will reduce the water, fuel and electric cost of your capital HVAC equipment
    • Legionella awareness, remediation and prevention programs
    • Secondary potable water disinfection systems
    • Remote monitoring and response technology for all water treatment systems

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