Water Treatment for Cooling Water Systems and Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Water Treatment ExpertsCooling Towers are used in virtually every facility, from commercial & institutional HVAC systems to process systems in large scale industrial plants. If left untreated, the metal surfaces of cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers and associated piping that make up cooling water systems can corrode, develop scale and fouling or become choked with microbiological growth.  Having an ongoing cooling tower water treatment program is the best way to prevent legionella and other harmful waterborne pathogens from growing in your cooling tower. It is imperative from an energy efficiency viewpoint as well as an ecological perspective that the proper, high quality cooling tower water treatment program be selected, optimized and administered.


To meet the needs of our customers, Clarity’s cooling water programs offer protection and extended equipment life for open recirculating (cooling tower water treatment), closed loop and once-through cooling systems.  Clarity provides both of the elements critical to maintaining an effective program: high quality treatment products and individuals with the training and experience to properly apply them.  Our high performance programs not only maintain, but often increase energy efficiency in our customer’s cooling systems while minimizing or eliminating unscheduled downtime or interruptions.  We tailor every program to meet the specific needs of each facility, including environmental requirement and regulations. We are also offer highly specialized cooling tower water treatment systems like the EcoSAFE Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release Technology.

We carry a complete line of treatment products to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Advanced corrosion & scale inhibitors for low and high hardness waters
  • Protection from “white rust” for systems with galvanized steel
  • A complete line oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbiocides
  • Unique dispersants for iron, salt, biomass & slime-forming bacteria and other problematic substances
  •  Threshold inhibitors for once-through systems
  • Various state-of-the-art inhibitors for treatment of closed loop systems
  •  Specialized products (including vapor phase inhibitors) for off-season protection
  •  Glycol products and associated inhibitors for protect of winterized systems
  •  Risk assessments for Legionella and treatment solutions for sterilization and decontamination of compromised systems
  •  A wide selection of equipment options for monitoring our programs from simple analog controllers to sophisticated instruments for coordinated control of inhibitors, biocides, pH and ORP with modem linkage to remote sites complete with statistical process control and trend monitoring.