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AeroCLEAN™ makes using chlorine dioxide in your facility much easier and safer than typical generation methods.  Organisms do not develop resistance to chlorine dioxide and the chemistry will not create off flavors or odors. Chlorine dioxide is not harsh on materials of construction and is a preferred choice in food processing operations. As good as chlorine dioxide is it’s sometimes challenging to use. Typical product formats are liquid solution based and require activation with acid. Clarity’s AeroCLEAN™ line is a series of self-contained products that require no acid, are safe to use and can be deployed in many areas of your facility. Many operating areas of breweries and wineries present hard to clean spaces, like walls, ceilings, drain lines, HVAC coils and plenums, coolers, cellars, equipment head-space and materials storage areas. Often surfaces in these areas will develop biological films that impart off flavors, odors and even loss of product shelf life. Clarity’s AeroCLEAN™ Air Filtration and True Gas Release products are uniquely designed to aid in maintaining clean surfaces in these areas by destroying and filtering odors and organisms. AeroCLEAN™ may also be used to treat grain & mash silos and tanks.

AeroCLEAN™ is an air -driven chlorine dioxide sanitizing system and uses a fan to blow surrounding air through chlorine dioxide impregnated material releasing a steady stream of ClO2 into the ambient air which kills molds, viruses and bacteria in the air and on all surfaces.

AeroCLEAN is an Air Driven Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizing System DiagramThe AeroCLEAN™ Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Sanitizing System is a family of products that are revolutionizing the way that the Food & Beverage Industry is sanitizing their facilities and equipment. If mold, fungus and bacteria is an issue at your facility, please call us today to schedule an appointment to see if AeroCLEAN™ is right for you.

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Get the AeroCLEAN Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizing System Brochure and learn how breweries, hotels and healthcare centers are solving their mold and bacteria issues.