About Us

Clarity Water Technologies is a new breed water treatment company that specializes in boiler water treatment and cooling tower water treatment.  Our focus is on ensuring that your equipment operates at peak efficiency while minimizing operating expenses.

Clarity was founded in 2002 by five chemical industry specialists dedicated to providing the best chemical products and services at the lowest prices.

The goal was to start the new millennium by introducing the world to a different kind of water treatment company – one that is passionate about it’s mission, supportive of it’s customer’s goals and respectful of its expert Team Members.

These ideals are at the core of what has made Clarity incredibly successful since our inception, and we are mindful of them every time we hire a new representative, evaluate a new customer’s needs, source a new product or develop a new program.

Our biggest accomplishment has been in finding and recruiting some of the brightest, experienced men & women in water treatment.  Our boiler water treatment and cooling tower water treatment specialists are industry professionals with more than 10 years of practical experience, we have been able to provide our customers with unparalleled service and guidance.

By hiring only the best and the brightest, highly experienced and motivated individuals, Clarity Water Technologies is uniquely qualified to find the most creative and cost effective solutions to any water treatment problem, whether they are chemical, mechanical, or both.  The net result is a solution that employs an effective, technically superior program at the lowest possible price. That’s value – not just on paper, but in quantifiable reality.

“To save our customers money by making their facility’s mechanical and/or chemical processes the most efficient and effective they can be at the best possible price.”

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