Other Treatment Services

Clarity Water Technologies, LLC is dedicated to providing the very best products and services available in the Water Treatment Industry.  We realize that our customers occassionally need services outside the normal scope of the water treatment and energy management industry.  It is for this reason that we have developed our Special Services area.  It is our goal to be able to help you with any related issue that you may have.


BioHazard Analysis

Any facility that utilizes open, recirculating cooling systems or that has hot water shower accommodations may be at risk for legionella contamination of their employees, patients or nearby facilities. Don’t wait for a major problem to develop!  Clarity’s highly trained consultants can perform a BioHazard Analysis of all of your plant systems to help minimize the potential for problems before they occur. Not only will we complete a thorough analysis of your facility, but we can also provide you with an in-depth Emergency Action Plan that can be followed in the event of a true or suspect BioHazard Emergency.


Odor Neutralizing

If malodors are an unfortunate result your facility’s process or if you have odor issues because of location, Clarity can help. Whether you run a poultry farm, refuse transfer station or a waste treatment facility, we can help you avoid headaches with your neighbors by providing you with environmentally safe and effective solutions developed to treat solid, liquid or air-born malodors.

No perfumes or ozone generation – our solutions are technologically advance, safe, effective and environmentally friendly.


Water Treatment Enzymes

Does your process utilize an enzyme or “good bacteria?” Do you need a bio-friendly grease eater? We have you covered.

Clarity Water Technologies, LLC carries a complete line of enzymatic degreasers, catalysts and cleaners. Call today for our product bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets. If you don’t know what you need, we can have an expert chemical professional visit your facilities and provide you with a free analysis.


Custom Blending

Many factors dictate what kind of chemical treatment is needed at your facility. Some systems are so dynamic that they need multiple mechanical systems to monitor and control multiple chemical processes. Water quality, fuel quality, system age and integrity may all affect your system’s specific needs.


At Clarity Water Technologies, LLC, address this issue by evaluating every component of your process. In many cases there is no perfect “off the shelf” solution. Our solution is to custom blend your products to your specific needs. If your boiler setup requires a “one drum” solution, we make that one drum specific to your system’s needs. No other chemical company can offer you the type of “customization” that we can at our prices.