Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance

The best plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning service in NY, NJ, PA, and CTHeat exchangers are used to transfer heat efficiently from one medium to another. They are typically used in many commercial/industrial applications including heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, power generation and sewage treatment centers. Properly maintaining your facility’s heat exchangers can save your facility tens of thousands of dollars in energy, downtime and repairs. Just like the best evaporator and condenser coil cleaning service is scheduled to be performed at regular intervals, a good preventative maintenance program for heat exchangers is always in your facility’s best interest. 

There are many types of heat exchangers. The two most common types are tube and shell heat exchangers and plate and frame heat exchangers. Every type of heat exchanger has its own specific protocol when it comes to cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting; and there are a host of common problems that can occur. At some point in its lifecycle, every heat exchanger should be cleaned. Over time, sediment and grime can build up on plates or tubes and cause clogs, retard heat transfer and reduce efficiency. Corroded gaskets, uneven plate pack clamping, pressure losses, blockage and fouling are all issues that can eventually plague your system’s heat exchanger.

At Clarity, we clean and service almost all types of heat exchangers. We also offer many options in cleaning. It may be very difficult to take your plate and frame heat exchanger offline for mechanical cleaning due to its high use. In those cases, we are usually able to offer our advanced online chemical cleaning for heat exchangers. This program is administered and closely monitored by one of our water treatment experts. If we are able to physically open and clean your heat exchanger, you can rest assured that our service professionals are highly experienced and efficient at mechanical heat exchanger cleanings.

If you have question concerning your plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning or your tube and shell heat exchanger cleaning or if you would like to schedule a cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.