EcoSHIELD Film Forming Polyamine Product Line for Heating and Cooling Systems

EcoSHIELD Film Forming Amine Water Treatment Technology is advanced water treatment for boilers and cooling towers.

Clarity’s EcoSHIELDTM product line is a family of water treatment products based on film forming amine technology that have been specifically modified to treat various complex water systems. EcoSHIELDTM products do a better job of maintaining boiler, closed loop and cooling water systems then most traditional alternatives. They work differently in that instead of treating the water to make it less scale forming or corrosion, they treat the metal surfaces so that water quality has little impact on protection. EcoSHIELDTM eliminates the need for specialized equipment has less environmental impact than their traditional water treatment counterparts. Water treatment companies are always trying to find a better way to treat water systems. EcoSHIELDTM is a better way.

EcoSHIELDTM now includes a wide range of specifically formulated programs for:

  • High and low pressure steam boilers
  • Boilers with turbines
  • Boilout Program
  • Wet lay up of boilers
  • Industrial and Commercial Central Plants
  • Heating systems
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Closed Cooling Systems
  • Cooling Towers

Compared to traditional technologies, an EcoSHIELDTM Water Treatment Program delivers an overall reduction in operational costs, an increase in system efficiency, a simplification of daily operational procedures and reduced maintenance headaches, as well as, improvements in environmental benefits.


EcoSHIELD High Efficiency Water Treatment for Boilers

EcoShield promotes strong magnetite layer formation on boiler tubes.Traditional boiler water treatment programs are mostly phosphate, nitrite or polymer based. All three types have their own features and benefits; and are appropriate for specific situations. Besides all-in-one treatment blends and advancements in polymer technology, there has been no major advancement in boiler water treatment technology in the past 20 years… until now.

Clarity’s EcoSHIELDTM Technology is a giant step forward in boiler water treatment.

EcoSHIELDTM is a non-toxic water treatment technology that promotes the formation of a monomolecular film which is adsorbed on all metal surfaces throughout an entire water system.  This amine-based film establishes a continuous barrier between water and metal, cutting out corrosion without negatively affecting heat transfer.

EcoSHIELDTM is not a salt and will not increase the TDS level in the boiler. In fact, it actually helps to diffuse scale forming salts, which helps to reduce blowdown and, therefore, decreases energy and water usage.

EcoSHIELDTM establishes optimal pH control by deploying neutralizing amines resulting in less corrosion and more efficient operation.

Benefits of EcoSHIELD in a Boiler:

  • Protects the entire plant, not just the boiler
  • Reduces blowdown
  • Cost effective
  • Loosens and lifts existing scale
  • Creates better thermal transfer which helps lower energy consumption
  • Greatly improves heat transfer and efficiency in steam systems by creating better drop formation at heat exchange surfaces
  • Will not increase salinity and decreases the likelihood of chemical carry-over in a steam system
  • Single, all-in-one drum chemical delivery system – easier to handle and store and less equipment needed to administer
  • Non-toxic formulation needs less treatment before dumping to local effluent/sewage system
  • Biodegradable; EcoSHIELDTM minimizes environmental impact

UPDATE: The EcoSHIELDTM product line has been expanded to address cooling and closed loop systems.


How EcoSHIELD Works in a Boiler

Traditional boiler water treatment uses oxygen scavengers such as sulfite, diethyl-hydroxylamine and hydrazine, which remove oxygen from feedwater by reacting with it, so that only a low level of oxygen induced corrosion can occur.

EcoSHIELDTM, on the other hand, is a family of film-forming amine-based inhibitors, and as such, creates a microscopically thin, impermeable barrier on all metallic surfaces, so that no corrosive substances, including oxygen, can come into contact with them. When treated with EcoSHIELDTM, a corrosive reaction can no longer occur. Typical corrosion caused by an interaction with carbon dioxide, oxygen or carbonic acid are no longer issues once EcoSHIELDTM has had the chance to bond to internal metal surfaces. Boilers that are treated with EcoSHIELDTM often form very smooth and homogeneous magnetite layers across the boiler tubes, resulting in vast improvements in heat transfer and long-term protection.

Steam boilers treated with EcoSHIELDTM tend to operate at much higher efficiencies. When tested on steam boiler tubes, a microscopic layer of EcoSHIELDTM across the boiler tubes has shown to have a positive and statistically relevant effect on heat transmission. The boiling capabilities of tubes treated with EcoSHIELDTM show consistently higher heat transmission results than tubes that have been treated with a traditional phosphate program.

EcoSHIELDTM has a built in failsafe that most traditional corrosion inhibitor do not have. Once EcoSHIELD’s bond is achieved, its protective barrier will remain in place even if there is an upset in chemical feed. So even if the dosage is interrupted, EcoSHIELD’s protective barrier will continue provide a defense against corrosion for days until chemical feed can be reestablished.

Due to its strong bonding properties to metal, EcoSHIELDTM has an added benefit of being able to gradual reduce and remove existing scale formations. A properly administered EcoSHIELDTM program could clean up a moderately scaled steam system in as little as a month or two.

EcoShield treats the metal, not the water. 

EcoSHIELD in a Cooling Tower

Cooling Towers have different requirements than boilers. Hardness, pH, alkalinity parameters and thresholds are completely different. Cooling towers suffer from two major issues at different ends of the water treatment spectrum, and they are corrosion or fouling.

Traditional cooling tower water treatment programs typically employ three major types of chemistry to treat a single open condenser system. They are an oxidizing biocide, a non-oxidizing biocide and some kind of corrosion inhibitor depending on incoming water quality. Biocides by nature are toxic at any levels, but necessary to combat micro-organisms that live and thrive in these types of cooling systems.

EcoSHIELDTM again challenges this paradigm. When we treat cooling towers with EcoSHIELD, we are effectively treating the metal surfaces, not the water. Just like in boilers, EcoSHIELD for Cooling Towers acts as a barrier between water and metal, however, in this iteration it is additionally formulated with incredible powerful dispersants. The net result is extremely effective protection against fouling or corrosion regardless of water quality.

Biofilms are less likely to take hold in cooling towers treated with EcoSHIELDTM, resulting in less overall biological activity. Instances of iron fouling and under deposit corrosion are practically eradicated in cooling towers that are properly treated with EcoSHIELDTM.

Galvanized towers are especially well served by EcoSHIELDTM. A typical passivation procedure for galvanized cooling tower takes months to effectively administer. It is a complex and exacting procedure with little room for mistakes. In a galvanized tower treated with EcoSHIELDTM protection starts within the first 24 hours!


History of Film Forming Amines

The use of film forming amines in steam systems is not a new idea; in fact, they have been used successfully in boiler water treatment applications for decades throughout the United States. Power plants and steam boilers used throughout many different industries, including manufacturing and paper processing, have used this technology in cases where conventional boiler water treatment had failed with exceptional results. Film forming amines are still extremely popular in many other parts of the globe and especially throughout Western Europe, however, the concept of using film forming amines in industrial water treatment applications is actually considered to be “old” technology.

Original film forming amine based boiler products were riddled with problems. They were formulated as emulsifications that had the tendency to separate inside their drums. In use, they would often cause sludge and the formation of waxy “gunk balls” inside the boiler. These issues were usually due to user error having to do with pH issues and the product’s sensitivity to over feeding, but also because the emulsified nature of the product, it was sensitive to pressure differences and could breakdown under certain stress conditions or in areas of low flow. Of those original formulations, Octadecylamine, or ODA as it is commonly referred to, was by far the most widely known.  ODA is still a commonly used filming amine used in the protection of countless industrial condensate systems throughout the world.

The breakthrough in this technology came more recently. Formulations of film forming amines today are much more sophisticated. While the idea is still the same, the modern versions are no longer emulsions, but instead are a combination of film forming amine materials made up into a solution that controls pH and keep the end product stabile as a liquid. Cetamine is a good example of these modern filming amines dissolved in neutralizers that do not have the same problems that the old ODA chemistries used to have.

EcoSHIELDTM falls into this family of products. EcoSHIELD’s product line has been fine tuned to include options for high pressure and low pressure steam systems, as well as, closed loop, semi-closed loop and open cooling systems. EcoSHIELDTM is environmentally stable and is considered a GREEN alternative to traditional boiler products and their use may help qualify your facility for LEED Credits.