EcoSAFE – Solid Feed Cooling Tower Water Treatment – Powered by Smart Release

Benefits of Solid Feed Chemistry for Cooling Tower Maintenance are Clear.

tabletsOver the years, many chemical companies have tried to market solid feed chemistry systems as a safer alternative to liquid feed delivery systems for cooling towers. Unfortunately, the promises of solid feed technology have fallen short, until now.

The future of solid feed cooling tower water treatment lies in its ability to utilize Controlled Release Technology (CRT). CRT addresses the number one complaint about the solid feed systems of the past. Old solid feed technology would rely on introduced water dissolving a solid puck or a semi-solid paste, this combined solution would then be pumped into the circulating system via some type of metered pumping system. Dissolution rates varied so much, and with such large swings, it was nearly impossible to precisely treat any body of water with a specific amount of chemical.

Additionally, the complexity of the equipment led to multiple fail points, including burned out pumps and malfunctioning solenoids.

EcoSAFETM changes all of that. Utilizing Smart Release Technology, the most advanced CRT in the world, EcoSAFETM easily addresses the challenges of old solid feed systems. Smart Release allows EcoSAFETM chemistry to be introduced into a cooling tower system with pinpoint accuracy eliminating all of the overfeeding and underfeeding issues of the past.

This is what solid feed chemistry was meant to be — a safer, greener, more efficient alternative — that actually works!

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