Cooling Tower Inspection and Annual Certification

Clarity offers Cooling Tower Inspections and Cooling Tower Annual CertificationsAs part of our cooling tower water treatment service contracts, Clarity provides regular cooling tower inspections. Regular inspection is good common sense and part of any effective water treatment program; however, in the State of New York, the cooling tower inspections are required by law.

New York Cooling Tower Inspections

If you are a building owner in the City or State of New York, we will include written quarterly cooling tower inspections into your ongoing water treatment contract to help keep you compliant with the law. Cooling tower inspections must performed every 90 days while the cooling tower is in operation and all written cooling tower inspections must be kept on-site. Clarity provides this service as part of our comprehensive New York Cooling Tower Water Treatment Contract, which falls under our 360° Legionella Management Program and includes everything else that you need to stay compliant with the City and State laws, including a complete Maintenance Program and Plan, Scheduled Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection, 90-Day Legionella Testing, Weekly Testing Supplies, and Annual Certification.

New York Annual Cooling Tower Certification

In the City of New York, all cooling tower owners are required to certify that they have been in compliance with the NYC Cooling Tower law. Owners must attest to correctly performing the weekly and monthly testing requirements, that the tower has been operated and maintained in accordance with the law and, in the case where there have been deficiencies, they must also list the steps taken to resolve them. The City requires that the building owner directly create and provide this certification; however, the State mandates that this Certification be obtained by an outside qualified party. Therefore, regardless of being a New York City cooling tower owner, you must still obtain a qualified Annual Certification to comply with the State law.

As a licensed and experienced water treatment service provider, Clarity Water Technologies meets all of the qualifications necessary to provide your New York Cooling Tower Annual Certification.