Commercial Water Softeners

If you run a boiler plant, you are probably aware that hard feedwater is a boiler’s worst enemy.  A successful boiler water treatment program starts with soft water.

Here’s why:  Hard water is water that has high mineral content.  Specifically, hard water contains calcium and magnesium which, when cycled up in a boiler under heat and pressure, will deposit out as scale. Scale in a boiler causes a serious reduction in heat transfer, which leads to increases in fuel consumption. (Simply put: The harder it is to make the water hot, the more fuel that needs to be burned.)

Scale could also lead to hot spots within the boiler which, if left alone, could cause a tube rupture – an issue that is expensive and potentially, extremely dangerous.  One of the most essential things that a facility can do for their boiler system is to invest in a high quality, industrial grade commercial water softener that will eliminate ALL calcium and magnesium for the system’s makeup water.

Your Clarity Water Technologies representative is an expert in boiler system pre-treatment and can help you select the correct commercial water softener for your boiler system.

Commercial water softeners are installed to pre-treat boiler makeup water prior to system entry. Most commercial water softeners operate by ion exchange, whereby a sodium ion is exchanged for a calcium and/or magnesium hardness ion in a one-to-one ratio.  This happens inside the softener vessel and is a function of makeup water interacting with ion exchange resin beads that have been infused with sodium ions (by being submerged in a brine solution).  Eventually, the softener’s resin bed will completely fill with as many calcium and magnesium ions as it can hold and will need to be regenerated.  At this point, the makeup water must stop following into the system, so that the commercial water softener resin bed has time to regenerate.  Softener regeneration is a process whereby unfavorable hardness ions are rinsed off of the resin beads and out the drain, and then are replaced with new favorable sodium ions collected from a brine solution that is held in an adjoining brine tank. Once the commercial water softener has regenerated the resin bed is ready for service and fresh makeup water may be allowed to flow through it again.  It is also possible to use a twin alternating commercial water softener to provide nonstop softened water without interruption.

There are many configurations, sizes and grades of commercial water softeners available in the marketplace.  This is by no means a “one size fits all” purchase and all mechanical aspects of your boiler room and your incoming water quality must be carefully considered.   Besides the proper sizing requirements, there are many types of softener options available including:

•             Single Vessel

•             Twin Alternating

•             Timer Regenerated

•             Meter Regenerated

•             Manually Regenerated

•             Digital Head

•             Mechanical Head


Clarity Water Technologies carries the highest quality commercial water softeners available.  Our commercial water softeners are capable of eliminating calcium and magnesium down to 0PPM.  If you need assistance in purchasing, restoring or installing a commercial water softener for your facility, please contact us today.