Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is about safety, peak performance and longevity.Proper boiler maintenance is about two things: safety and reducing the cost of energy. A well-maintained boiler running at its peak efficiency is benefitting from optimal heat transfer and reduced fuel costs. Administering the proper boiler water treatment chemistry and adopting a consistent boiler maintenance program are necessary for maintaining peak performance over the course of a boiler’ lifetime.

Aside from proper boiler commissioning and start up, adopting a consistent boiler maintenance program is one of the most important things that you can do for your boiler systems overall health and longevity. There are many different boiler chemical protocols available for the water treatment aspects of boiler maintenance and choosing the correct one can have a profound effect on the results that you experience with your system. The first step is understanding the need of your specific boiler system.

Hot water boilers are typically closed loop systems, and therefore the boiler water is chemically treated before it enters the boiler and piping. It often requires very little, if any, additional chemicals or daily water quality testing. While these systems are easier to maintain, complacency is a real danger. There is no such thing as a “set it and forget it” boiler. Hot water boilers should be tested quarterly, at the very least, to make sure that they are maintaining the correct amount boiler water treatment chemicals.

Steam boilers however, require more frequent monitoring. While there may be a “closed” portion of the system, steam is often lost for a variety of reasons. Either the system is not 100% tight or steam is lost in a process; whatever the circumstance, steam boilers generally require additional makeup water to maintain their consistent operating volume. Steam boiler maintenance can be very sophisticated, including the installation of multiple pre-treatment systems like softeners and dealkalizers. Maintaining “soft water” and eliminating as much dissolved oxygen as possible is incredibly important to a steam system. Daily chemical monitoring and water quality testing is more typical in these systems because an upset of hard water can create boiler scale very quickly. Scale build up acts as an insulator and is the number one cause of heat transfer impedance in a steam boiler.

Boiler Maintenance Services Offered

Clarity specializes in advance boiler water treatment, and we are experts in boiler servicing as it related to water treatment and operational maintenance. We go far beyond choosing a nitrite, phosphate or polymer program for your boiler system. In fact, some systems respond much better to an EcoSHIELD Film Forming Amine Program then to traditional water treatment regimens. Besides boiler water treatment, Clarity currently offers the following boiler maintenance services: